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Discovering the beauty in the O.LIVE

Greeks are renowned for having amazing youthful looking skin, leaving so many people asking ‘What’s your secret?’. To think of something that represents Greece, one would without a doubt say the olive tree. Not only do we eat its fruits but we use olive oil in almost everything. We cook with it, we slather it in our hair, on our bodies and even use it on cracked heels. Traditionally an olive branch was used as a symbol of peace, and according to Hippocrates, olive oil was used for healing skin conditions, stomach problems and ear infections amongst other things; Homer even referred to it as ‘liquid gold’.

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Study shows olive oil may protect our brain

When thinking of Olive Oil, most people think of Italian cuisine first since it’s one of the staple ingredients there. We are already well aware of its many health benefits. Mediterranean diet is widely recognised and appreciated as healthy and the fact that extra virgin olive oil is consumed a lot comes as no surprise. The new study suggests this can affect our brain positively and keep us safe from Alzheimer’s.

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Glamping Hot spots pop up across WA

In February, popular Margaret River olive oil farm Olio Bello opened glamping tents.
“Glamping allows people to connect directly with the farm,” Olio Bello director Garry Garside said.
“There is a glamping revolution right around the world — and we’re really exciting to be a part of it.”
Mile End Glamping, nestled in central Margaret River, gets such high demand for their glamping domes that customers are advised to book several months in advance.

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