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Cobram Estate Named Healthiest Olive Oil in the World

May 18 2017

In the inaugural “Health & Food, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards” announced in Spain, Boundary Bend won some very prestigious global awards including; 1. The “Healthiest Oil in the World” was awarded to our Californian Mission variety (the main component of the Cobram Estate California Select) which is only sold in the USA. This was […]

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How to navigate the world of Olive Oil like a pro!

April 26 2017

April 24, 2017 — Not all oils are created equal. The world of olive oil can be a lot like that of wine – there’s a bevvy of different oil brands out there offering different variants that can be baffling to understand at the best of times. But equipping yourself with the knowledge of just […]

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Olive oil’s price surge prompts Boundary Bend to ‘go for growth’

April 15 2017

Sydney, April 15, 2017 — With its share price doubling in less than a year, the country’s largest olive oil producer and processor, Boundary Bend, is looking to “go for growth” with a large fund raising which could see it boost volumes significantly over the next few years. Boundary Bend has taken on the cheap […]

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Cobram Estate Wins Best of the Best Award Among Aussie Food & Drinks Producers

April 12 2017

Sydney, April 12, 2017 — Cobram Estate has won the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW prestigious President’s Medal overnight, the ultimate national agricultural award for excellence in produce, with its Reserve Hojiblanca Ultra-Premium extra virgin olive oil. The award is not only an acknowledgement of Cobram Estate’s high-quality products, but also its innovation as a […]

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Olive oil is becoming a luxury

February 17 2017

That comes courtesy of Italian chef Francesco Mazzei, who runs the Italian restaurant Sartoria in London. Mazzei depends on olive oil for much of his cooking. But because of a shortage, he says prices are skyrocketing. He’s even had to raise menu prices to compensate. Read the full Press Release here: We’re about to suffer a […]

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Boundary Bend disrupting US Olive Oil comfort zones

December 27 2016

Boundary Bend is being blamed for disrupting “established relationships” between Californian olive growers and local oil processors and making an “olive land grab”. Boundary Bend has this year been paying about $100 to $150 a tonne above the going rate to secure olives for its first harvest, paying $850 a tonne for Mission variety olives […]

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