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Cobram Estate Olives is Australia’s largest producer and marketer of premium quality extra virgin olive oil.  With operations in Australia and the USA, export customers in 16 countries, and a portfolio of premium brands, we are a market leader in the Australian extra virgin olive oil industry and a leader in sustainable olive farming. 

Founded in 1998 by Paul Riordan and Rob McGavin, Cobram Estate Olives owns Australia’s two top-selling homegrown olive oil brands, Cobram Estate® and Red Island®.  Our brand strength extends from our position as Australia’s largest vertically integrated olive oil producer.  We own over 2.4 million olive trees planted on 6,584 hectares of farmland in central and north-west Victoria, together with Australia’s largest olive tree nursery, two olive mills, an olive oil bottling, storage, and the Modern Olives® laboratory. 

Following several years of research, we identified an opportunity to replicate our unique olive growing, olive milling, and marketing model in the USA.  Much like Australian consumers, USA consumers are increasingly purchasing high quality, locally grown extra virgin olive oil.  In 2014 we acquired a 9-acre industrial property in Woodland, California USA, and over the following years established an olive mill, storage and bottling facility, laboratory, and administration offices.  This site has become pivotal to our USA operations which now includes 234,000 olive trees planted on 353 hectares of long-term leased and freehold properties in California, olive supply contracts with Californian olive growers, and the rapidly growing Cobram Estate® brand in USA grocery and specialty channels.

In total, the Company owns 18,724 hectares of freehold farmland, of which 16,700 hectares is freehold farmland in central and northwest Victoria and southwest New South Wales. 

We have also made the achievement of a sustainable “zero waste” farming operation and the maximisation of the value of all its farming outputs one of our fundamental pillars.  As part of this initiative, in 2017 the Company established its Wellness division which is responsible for the research, development and sale of products leftover from olive oil production.  This is a core part of our strategy to continually improve the sustainability of our farming operations and minimise waste.  The primary focus of this division has been on the use of biomass for bioenergy and soil amendment, the extraction of antioxidants from olive by-products (including leaves and pomace), and more recently on the commercialisation of health and wellness products through the launch of the Wellgrove® brand in the USA and Australia. 

With an unwavering focus on superior quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction through all facets of our business, Cobram Estate Olives has developed a reputation as a leading player in the modern olive industry and is well positioned for future growth both in Australia and the USA. 

About Us


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Our Brands

We are a leading player in the global ‘modern’ olive industry, with brands incluing; Cobram Estate®, Red Island®, Wellgrove®, Modern Olives® and Oliv.iQ®.

Our Brands
Our Brands

Cobram Estate Olives Story

Rob & Paul planted the first olive tree in 1998, which has matured into over 130 people working across multiple sites in Victoria, Australia, and California, USA.

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